TB+A Partner, Adrian Wordsworth is awarded HEDQF Founder Membership

16th October 2018

Adrian Wordsworth, Partner of UK based engineering design consultancy, Troup Bywaters + Anders has become an official HEDQF Founder Member.

The Higher Education Design Quality Forum is a registered charity made up of design consultants, contractors and higher education institutes who aim to promote high-quality design in university campuses, building and learning facilities, in the knowledge that the calibre of the properties will enable students, as well as staff, to receive the best and most enjoyable workplace experience possible.

Whilst having experience in a range of sectors, he specialises in framework appointments for higher education projects all across the UK, highlighting why he was awarded HEDQF Founder Membership in September 2018.

His professional experience, commitment and passion to quality design in university estates, has enabled him to work on a number of large scale higher education projects including, Imperial College London. As our framework manager for Imperial College London, Adrian has also been involved in the successful delivery of over 50 projects since our original appointment in 2006.

Adrian comments: “I’m honoured to become a founder member of HEDQF, an organisation of like-minded universities, designers, and contractors who strive to improve the student and staff experience through sharing knowledge for high quality higher education buildings.”

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