As workplaces evolve so too does the nature of working practices and our clients’ operational aspirations and requirements. We're helping to redefine and re-shape their work style and deliver highly efficient, high-performing workplaces to enhance productivity for their current and future business needs.

The 2023 British Council for Offices annual conference is taking place in Dublin this year bringing together 'BCO members and industry thought leaders to help shape what is to come in offices'.

As Gold sponsors of the BCO annual conference, our team are looking forward to the insightful, progressive discussions and networking during the event and would be delighted to see you there. Please get in touch with them to arrange to meet:

Andrew Hixson
Andrew Campbell
James Monaghan
Jay Patel
Kevin Killoran
Tom Smith

National leads

Financial - Neil Panton / Tom Smith / Mark Bateman
07977 090 354 / 07854 640 110 / 07827 879 346
Corporate & Legal - Andrew Hixson
07870 634 551