Changes to BREEAM AP and Sustainability Champion Role

7th March 2017

The Building Research Establishment (BRE) are undergoing plans to redefine the role of BREEAM ‘Sustainability Champion’ for all future schemes. This role has been in use since the 2014 updates and encompasses the ‘BREEAM Accredited Professional’ and the ‘Site Sustainability Manager’ roles. These sought to provide design and construction teams with greater sustainability guidance and experience throughout the key stages of the project to maximise the BREEAM performance in the most effective and cost efficient way.

BRE are now looking to phase out these roles and replace them with a single ‘BREEAM Advisory Professional (AP)’ role covering both Design and Site scope competencies. The role scope is intended to cover the provision of valuable sustainability advice and guidance into the project throughout its lifespan. This covers facilitating the maximisation of project opportunities and identification of options; setting targets and providing consultancy support and assistance to the project team; and collaborating with the project team to coordinate robust evidence collection prior to submission to the project’s appointed Assessor.

This role is therefore clearly distinct from the traditional ‘BREEAM Assessor’ role which purely provides review of evidence submitted by the design and construction teams enabling credits to be awarded and submission of an assessment report for the certification of projects.
This new Advisory Professional (AP) role shall be formally launched by BRE in due course. TB+A shall continue to monitor and report progress here.

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