Insights from our leadership team

True sustainable performance and zero carbon emissions are achieved through technical collaborations across industry. The blog posts below provide thoughts and insights from some of our leadership team, helping us move forward together towards zero carbon construction in support of the government’s 2050 net zero target. 


Mark Richardson, Partner (Head of Sustainable Innovation) 

How we addressed Net Zero in UK Real Estate at UKREiiF  

"Our experience shows that net-zero goals in real estate are attainable. The real, more difficult challenge is to continue to build new forms of collaboration across the public and private sectors."​

Addressing Net Zero in UK Real Estate at UKREiiF

"The challenges in delivering net zero carbon are significant, however the associated opportunities are also significant."

Achieving net zero carbon emissions across the whole life of a building 

"Today, this is happening in pockets, tomorrow this needs to happen at scale. This is a journey for all of us in the built environment sector."



Rob Cargill, Partner 

Retrofitting existing buildings as part of a net zero strategy

“I believe retrofitting of existing buildings offers a significant opportunity for the property and construction sector to contribute to driving down carbon emissions in line with UK and international targets.”


Adopting and implementing net zero targets for operational energy

"Major UK and global organisations are now asking, if not demanding, that their operations are aligned to new ESG requirements for becoming carbon neutral or net zero within defined timescales. "



Federico Seguro, Energy Engineer and Net Zero Carbon champion

Part 1 – Retrofit and Net Zero: the scale of the challenge


Part 2 – Retrofit and Net Zero: what can be achieved