TB+A COP26 Events

TB+A Events at COP26

As well as supporting and participating in UK-GBC events, we jointly hosted a series of insightful, face-to-face events across Scotland that were open to everyone with an interest in carbon reduction strategies for the property and construction industry.

See below our programme of events during COP26 together with a selection of presentations that we delivered. Please get in touch with Rob Cargill if you’d like to find out more about any of the subjects we’ve highlighted.


Talk & Tour: Sustainable refurbishment towards net zero carbon

Transformation by Knight Property Group of a 1990’s building to provide fossil fuel free, zero direct emissions office accommodation aligned to Net Zero targets and Scottish Government “New Build Heat Standards”.

4-5 Lochside Avenue, Edinburgh Park, Edinburgh EH12 9DJ

  • A "RetroFirst" approach

  • 'Wellness’ agenda best practice

  • All electric zero fossil fuels building meeting “zero direct emissions” objectives

  • Achieving UKGBC 2025-2030 interim targets for operational energy use 

View the presentation:

10th November Sustainable refurbishment towards net zero 


Open House: How the Construction Sector can contribute to carbon emission reduction

To coincide with the COP26 Cities, Regions and Built Environment day, this event focused on the ways in which the construction sector can contribute to carbon emission reduction.

The Onyx Building, Bothwell Street, Glasgow, G2 7EZ

  • Net Zero Targets for building projects

  • Approved methodologies for assessing embodied carbon

  • Refurbishment & repurposing of existing building stock as a Net Zero strategy

  • Proposed changes to Energy Performance standards within Building Regulations

View the presentations:

3rd November Achieving net zero in existing buildings

11th November Refurbishment and repurposing of existing building stock as a net zero strategy

11th November Our journey towards net zero

11th November LETI - How UK buildings can be adapted to meet UK climate targets


LETI how to volunteer for future workstreams and participate in current consultations

To download the LETI Climate Emergency Retrofit Guide and accompanying materials, please visit: www.leti.london/retrofit

If you wish to get involved with the upcoming LETI Retrofit Part 3 (Non-domestic) workstream, please sign up here. Alternatively, if you are not able to donate your time, their latest fundraising campaign is open until 15th December. The development of the LETI Climate Emergency Retrofit Guide would not have been possible without the generous donations of many. If you wish to help LETI create an even greater impact, please donate to LETI here.

Don't forget you can stay in the loop with the latest LETI activities, including their latest consultation with CIBSE on Net-Zero Carbon Definitions, by signing up to the mailing list.