International Women's Day 2023
8th March
Recognising our female workforce

Each year, we celebrate International Women's Day. It's an opportunity for us to highlight the achievements of women around the world and marks a call to action for accelerating gender parity.

To celebrate and recognise the women of TB+A, Ishrath Priti, Project Associate and Mark Richardson, Partner share their views on how we can embrace equity in the workplace, because together, we can all be part of the solution driving positive change.

Mark Richardson


  • What are some of the benefits of having a diverse team?

The team’s business performance and culture works really well and personally I believe that diversity plays a strong role in this. In the Sustainability and Building Performance Team that I oversee, there is a good balance of gender and personality types, which is great for managing people and working through specific challenges. This, I have seen in action and I believe is a positive factor in improving people’s well-being and enjoyment at work.

  • How do we embrace equity at TB+A?

In 2022, we introduced a number of structured meetings and groups as part of our business strategy including: Future Leaders, National Opportunity and Board meetings. This has really broadened the diversity of input with wider representation and views from across all areas and levels of our business. The result of which is promoting better knowledge sharing, collaboration and equity for the benefit of all.

  • In your opinion, what more needs to be done?

As a community, industry and business, there is always more that can be done on our journey to improve Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI). In a wider context, prioritising and increasing the boundary of stakeholder understanding and consultation is key when forming any plan or decision. It’s important to actively listen to our community of stakeholders and feedback to them. For instance, this could mean engaging with local communities around employment opportunities or understanding our supply chains’ policies regarding DEI in procurement decisions.

As a closing thought, I’m really excited about seeing a day when nature (the natural world around us, including all living and non-living things that exist on Earth) is considered when discussing DEI.