Our whole-life services
Our centres of excellence

We provide advice and support with the planning, construction, operation and ongoing management of your property and assets.

Our business has been shaped to respond to the whole life of a building and flexible to be introduced at any part of your journey.

Nationally our teams deliver every service across our whole life offer to bring you a coordinated and seamless approach while drawing on experience, knowledge, resource scalability and resilience to suit your needs.

Our ‘whole-life’ approach is based around the circular economy of the built environment with each service headed by a Centre of Excellence in one of our national offices to provide:

  • People focussed service
  • Sustainability at heart
  • Research and development
  • Technical quality and consistency
  • Review of latest standards
  • Advice on new and emerging technologies
  • Centralised training
  • Shared learning and best practice

This means that the people you work with are at the forefront of their field and have the tools and support to deliver. We can help you improve the performance and management of your property at every step in the life cycle.