TB+A & BGIS UK apprentice swap
August 2023
Nurturing and developing our people

Our continued partnership with BGIS UK allowed some of our apprentices to swap roles and try out something new in the form of a secondment!


At the start of July, TB+A and BGIS UK came together to offer some of our apprentices a learning opportunity in the form of a 4-week secondment for the second year running.

Whilst BGIS apprentices joined TB+A to acquire first-hand consultancy and design experience, apprentices from TB+A joined BGIS to gain an understanding of on-site FM experience within a designated site providing both parties with the opportunity to become more well-rounded engineers.

Congratulations to our Onikonda Misomali and Sheldon May and BGIS UK apprentices, Roni Gowers, Matt Morrison and Jessica Amdemariam for successfully completing their 4 week placement.

Sheldon May, Building Services Design Engineer Apprentice described the experience as, "Challenging, rewarding and fulfilling".

Some of the apprentices came together on Friday 4th August to celebrate their achievements at a closing ceremony held at 22 Bishopsgate.

"This exposure has provided me with a deeper appreciation of how different groups simultaneously collaborate within this engineering sector, allowing me to carry out any future problem-solving and decision-making from a different perspective."
Onikonda Misomali
Building Services Design Engineer Apprentice
"It was great to partner with BGIS for the secondment for a second year and to hear positive feedback from our apprentices and all that have been involved in making it a success. Thank you to BGIS and well done to all of the apprentices for making the most of this opportunity."
Chloe Jones and Mary Harding