Apprentice & Graduate Challenge 2023
December 2023
Building the transition

As part of our Sustainability Week 2023 programme, we launched our ‘Apprentice & Graduate Challenge’ which was themed around ‘Building the Transition', aligning with the World Green Building Council’s, World Green Building Week.

Alongside the theme, the challenge was to consider what could be done to counteract global warming, and to investigate how we can limit/reverse global warming in the built environment.

The competition involved four teams of 5-6 apprentices and graduates from across the partnership, each bringing a unique perspective and approach. Over a three-month period, the teams researched, devised, and refined their presentations, aiming to impress the judges which included TB+A’s Andy Hixson and Judy Kilian and Godfrey Anderson of Morgan Stanley.

Andy Hixson, Partner commented “I was really impressed with all the teams, the hard work that had gone into researching the topics and the quality of the presentations. Each group had good answers to combating climate change (and hopefully a good portion of these will, if not already, be put into practice).”

Team 2 consisting of Minhaz Khan, Bradley Smith, Leart Mustafa and John King particularly stood out to the judges with their presentation on the importance of reducing waste, conserving energy, and adopting renewable energy sources all while using traditionally unconventional ideas. The team's passion for sustainability and innovation and their ability to translate creative concepts into practical applications made them winners of this year’s challenge.

Our winners

Well done to all the teams involved on their hard work, commitment and engagement throughout. We hope that everyone found the experience valuable, both from their own research and from getting to put their presenting, teamwork and communication skills into practice.