The Value of Urban Nature-Based Solutions
May 2022
The value of nature-based solutions

On Tuesday 10th May, our Peter Anderson joined the UK Green Building Council (UKGBC) alongside a range of panellists to launch the UK-GBC's new guidance on, ‘The Value of Urban Nature-Based Solutions’, outlining recommendations and next steps for the industry.


Peter Anderson, Managaing Partner commented: “We are witnessing the stark reality of humanity’s consumptive approach to the planet’s resources with an alarming trend in nature loss, which not only contributes to climate change but is also accelerated by its impacts. Our industry needs to move beyond current compliance-based thinking to a regenerative one, recognising that the built environment can be a force for positive change.

UKGBC’s guidance provides a practical framework for assessing the contribution of Nature based solutions to add value to a place, the neighbourhood and our environment. By creating opportunity and pathways for biodiversity through our urban spaces we can play our part in reversing this decline with a buildings and infrastructure that exist in harmony with nature and the environment.”

"Nature-based solutions are an exceptional solution for the challenges of our time. NBS can play a critical role in futureproofing developments, provide much needed adaptation to climate-related risks, whilst also delivering benefits for biodiversity and nature. The current lack of awareness and understanding of the benefits associated with NBS has resulted in their financial value being consistently undercalculated. UKGBC’s report seeks to challenges the dominant narratives surrounding urban NBS delivery, providing a broader framing of its benefits, beneficiaries, and value that underpins a more holistic business case."
Alastair Mant
Director of Business Transformation, UKGBC
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