ESG Report

Our ESG report 2020-2021

Our first Environmental, Social & Governance report marks an exciting year at Troup Bywaters + Anders. As a socially responsible and ethical partnership we are acutely aware of our place in the world and the positive impact we can have through our actions, knowledge sharing and support to our clients, communities and our people.

We work collaboratively in everything we do under our three pillars Growing people, Sustainability at heart and Achieving quality and consistency, and this report sets out the journey so far in these areas through our activities and commitment to continuously improve. This is driven by our five-year Sustainability Strategy and Action Plan that aligns with the UN SDGs and our business strategy.

The report also cements years of progressive development and focus culminating in our Whole life offering, providing support to our clients and colleagues through the entire building life cycle, and project implementation with a focus on creating sustainable, smart and healthy spaces.

Our adoption of the 1.5° science-based targets led us to become a forerunner in the ‘Race to Zero’ with real action across our operations and supply chain. We account for our impact on the world and whilst we transition towards net zero (and ultimately a regenerative position) we have sought meaningful initiatives to offset our impact, make a difference to humanity and to address global biodiversity loss around the world.

The built environment has a long way to go in a short time and we intend to be instrumental in creating positive social and environmental impact through our activities. In our journey so far, we have achieved our sustainability targets, but we are conscious there is still more we can do; so we continue to set further goals and strengthen relationships to support our clients and industry partners in their own sustainability journeys.

We have witnessed the dramatic changes created by humanity’s approach to the natural world and desperate impact as a consequence on the climate, biodiversity and vulnerable peoples and societies. Each conversation, collaboration and project represents an opportunity to do something positive to reverse this situation.

This is our goal.

Read our ESG report and see 'Our journey'.