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It’s safe to say we know what we’re talking about when it comes to engineering services. It’s where we started over 60 years ago and continues to be the foundation of our business.

We deliver all types of engineering services advice and designs across all sectors in the UK and overseas. BIM and digital engineering is fully embedded in our design teams, which when employed, brings long-term costs and programme benefits to your project. We are experienced in either working for an end client or contractor and within any procurement model.

Our services include:

  • Mechanical, electrical and public health services
  • Fire detection and protection services
  • Sustainable technologies, CHP and district heating strategies
  • Passive and natural ventilation strategies
  • Mixed mode ventilation analysis
  • Lifts, hoists and escalators
  • Specialist healthcare and laboratory environments
  • Building & energy management systems
  • Utilities negotiations and delivery
  • Technical investigations
  • Plant replacement
  • Design/Peer reviews


To find out more please contact:
Peter Anderson
T: 020 7504 1400

We have a team of partners who have experience of successfully resolving construction related disputes through mediation, arbitration, adjudication and litigation.

Their in-depth knowledge and extensive experience of building services engineering across all sectors and building types means they are well positioned and respected to provide credible expert advice. They regularly undertake rent reviews on behalf of both landlord and tenants to achieve best value.

Our services include:

  • Investigation and analysis of engineering and contract disputes
  • Preparation of reports for clients and insurers
  • Expert witness services for individual clients or as court appointed experts
  • Technical support for solicitors and counsel
  • Independent technical advisors
  • Arbitration, adjudication and mediation
  • Giving evidence in court and tribunals
  • Forensic analysis and preparation of programmes
  • Acquisitions and dilapidations.


To find out more please contact:
David Arnold
T: 07831 817 851


Our strategic asset management service will support you through the whole life cycle of your property portfolio to maximise the performance and value of your assets.

Implementing a strategic asset management protocol will identify purchasing improvements with sustainable and optimal delivery whilst at the same time meeting statutory and legislative obligations.

Our services include:

  • Master asset management planning
  • Asset management systems and BS55000/1/2/3 compliance
  • CAFM system assessment and integration
  • BIM management and BS1192 series compliance
  • Asset information modelling
  • Whole life cycle replacement strategies and costing analysis
  • Condition assessments
  • Infrastructure reviews
  • Forward maintenance planning
  • Financial planning and investment profiling
  • Asset performance assessments
  • Data mapping


To find out more please contact:
Robert Miles
T: 020 7504 1550



At some stage in the journey of your building there will be changes in the way your business operates or plant that has reached the end of its useful life.

Whether we have helped you get to this point through our strategic asset management advice, or you have got there independently, capital projects are required to implement change. In these instances, the engineering services can be the most prominent and critical feature needing appropriately specialised leadership and input. We can manage and deliver these projects for you as a single point of contact. This could include an architect, structural engineer and acoustic consultant as examples.

Our services include:

  • Programme management
  • Project management
  • Client support and coordination
  • Contractor management
  • Site monitoring
  • Clerk of Works
  • Resident engineering
  • Commissioning management
  • Validations
  • Verification engineer and seasonal commissioning
  • Soft landings management


To find out more please contact:
James Campbell
T: 020 7504 1400

To enable your business to operate to its full potential it is essential that the facilities you work within are reliable, efficient and sustainable.

Anything you can think of that falls within the facilities management arena we can help you with. The people who will deliver this for you have extensive operational experience of running and maintaining buildings so they understand what it takes to deliver what you need.

Our services include:

  • Facilities Management Consultancy Services
    • Contract procurement
    • Contract administration
    • Contract migration support
    • Competency, skills and gap analysis
    • Contract management and audit
    • Services performance monitoring and management
    • Project management
  • Strategic services delivery planning
  • Strategic estates planning
  • Statutory compliance management and auditing
  • Mobilisation management
  • Maintenance monitoring service


To find out more please contact:
Robert Miles
T: 020 8159 5521 

Our Architectural Lighting team are embedded throughout our national offices, offering the service you would expect of a separate specialist lighting company.

The team have a creative flair with backgrounds in lighting, product design and architectural interior design bringing together all these disciplines to create exceptional spaces.

Our services include:

  • Creative lighting design
  • Natural light design and daylight optimisation
  • Daylight shading analysis
  • Public realm lighting design
  • Obtrusive lighting assessment
  • Sports lighting
  • Lighting calculations
  • Lighting controls
  • Commissioning and scene setting


To find out more please contact:
Zoe Faulkner
T: 0161 974 1725

Your investment in sustainability will be set by what you have to do to comply with legislation and what you want to do in delivering your business objectives.

By exploring and understanding your aims we will shape this into a cost-effective delivery model based around a set of services. Our designers, project managers and leaders are all experienced in delivering bespoke sustainable solutions drawing on sector specific technical knowledge.

Our services include:

  • BREEAM Pre, design and post construction assessments
  • BREEAM Accredited Professional services
  • Environmental performance reviews, including water usage, recyclable materials and waste
  • Code for sustainable homes
  • Sustainability statements for planning
  • Low and Zero Carbon (renewable) technologies feasibility studies
  • Energy strategies
  • Energy and carbon benchmarking and reduction advice
  • Building regulations compliance reviews and calculations
  • Air Conditioning Inspections
  • Materials
  • Embodied Energy
  • Sustainable Urban drainage advice + LEED assessment services and advice
  • Air Quality advice (indoor and outdoor)
  • Water usage / low water fitting advice


To find out more please contact:
Allan Cross
T: 020 7504 1494

An engineering services design that is appropriate for its location and use will go a long way to providing an environment that supports the health and wellbeing of its occupants.

There are however far more opportunities that can be explored as part of an interior design concept. We can help you to develop healthy building strategies starting with initial workplace assessments and advise on the standards applicable such as Fitwel and the WELL Building Standard.

Our services include:

  • WELL building Certification
  • Fitwel Certification
  • WELL Health and Safety Rating assessments
  • Health and Wellbeing improvements ( non-certification route)


To find out more please contact:
Kokil Gupta
T: 020 7504 1456

We can assess the performance of your building either at design stage or in operational use.

Using the latest industry standard technology, coupled with our bespoke analytics and proven track record, we can optimise how your building performs in use to deliver benefits including costs, energy use and comfort.

Our services include:

  • Optimisation through building physics analysis
  • Thermal modelling and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
  • Façade / envelope analysis and optimisation
  • Thermal Comfort (CIBSE TM52 & TM59)
  • Energy Audits and ESOS
  • Operational Energy Predictions (CIBSE TM54)
  • Design vs operational performance reviews
  • Building performance reviews
  • Post occupancy evaluation
  • Energy Performance and MEES scheme
  • Air Conditioning Certificates


To find out more please contact:
Jon Moraza
T: 020 7504 1495

Buildings today have an unprecedented reliance on technology through computer-based systems. These can be stand-alone or integrated into an overall intelligent network.

The types of systems are varied and specific to each project and sector. Our challenge is to understand your key objectives and work these into an infrastructure solution that supports your business continuity, is reliable, resilient, flexible and cost efficient.

Our services include:

  • Network designs including architecture, containment, readiness assessments, incoming data and structured cabling
  • Wi-Fi analysis and troubleshooting
  • Independent data services advice
  • Unified communications
  • Security threat assessments
  • Security design
  • Smart building services
  • Telephony
  • Audio visual services
  • Distributed television services


To find out more please contact:
Mark Richardson
T: 020 7504 1400

Our business is shaped to respond to the whole life of a building and flexible to be introduced at any part of your journey.

Nationally our teams deliver every service across our whole life offer to bring you a coordinated and seamless approach while drawing on experience, knowledge, resource scalability and resilience to suit your needs.