TB+A play an active role in influencing and shaping Government policy, legislation and industry guidance and ideas through our corporate and personal professional memberships of the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE).

Our partners and engineers are members of several task working groups and committees, providing leadership through our extensive knowledge of the built environment to drive our profession and standards across the industry higher and into the future.

David Arnold is a CIBSE Past President and remains actively involved writing papers and thought pieces – his Doctoral thesis was before it’s time and considered thermal storage in reducing energy consumption in buildings. He remains actively involved with ASHRAE and the CIBSE links there and until recently was the Treasurer.

Our Managing Partner, Peter Anderson, and one of our Associates, Jill Hoggan, sit on the Working Group for Building Safety which is responding to and informing Government policy and the engineering industry’s response to the Building Safety Act.

We have responded to the consultations actively and influenced the direction of travel to improve our industry, and this work is ongoing. We held a Fire Safety Roadshow for all offices in July 2023 as part of Technical Week, where we updated our people on the changes and engaged in a workshop around skills and competence. Peter is also part of the CIBSE Neurodiversity Panel, the Talent Pipeline and Apprenticeship Panel, the CIBSE Fan Makers Bursary Award and the CIBSE Council.

Our previous Managing Partner, Neil Weller, drives the Apprenticeship agenda and is the Chair of the London Apprenticeship Network. He is a contributor to the CIBSE Working group on people and skills – influencing Department of Education strategy on Greening apprenticeships, setting standards for Levels 3,4 and 6 and passionately advocating for apprenticeships in all industries. TB+A were Trailblazers in this area and remain at the forefront of the topic achieving We Invest in Apprentices ‘Platinum’ award – the first in the world to achieve this.

To complement this Neil Panton, Partner, sits on the T&D Panel engendering the development of young engineers through their career in a structured manner. Neil is the owner of our T&D scheme which was recently re-accredited by CIBSE until 2026. He also sits on the judging panel for the annual CIBSE Ken Dale Travel Bursary Award.

James Campbell, Partner, is actively involved in the CIBSE Facilities Management Group and has been involved in raising the educational standards of this aspect of the industry, co-authoring the new Guide M for Operation Maintenance – all recognising the importance of building performance, safety, energy efficiency and sustainability, through the whole life cycle.

Furthermore, Megan Whitbread, Electrical Engineer, was crowned the first ever CIBSE Apprentice of the Year in 2020 and now sits on the Young Engineers Network committee, continuing her ambassadorial work both within and outside of the industry.

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