Vertical Transportation Annual Consultancy
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Various – from 3000sq.ft to 460,000sq.ft







  • Vertical transportation
  • Strategic asset management
  • Strategic facilities management
  • Technical project management
About Vertical Transportation Annual Consultancy

Troup Bywaters + Anders provide Vertical Transportation (VT) advice for landlords, Building Management and Investors to assist in the management of their assets and optimise performance.

As leading Building Services consultants, we bring our extensive experience to this aspect of a building; we operate in many sectors and understand how the lift, escalator and suspended access equipment need to respond to the specific requirements of each sector.

Typically, clients ask us to undertake an independent and comprehensive audit of their VT installations (lifts, escalators and suspended access), maintenance contract and contractor performance to ensure continual compliance with the maintenance contract and associated British standards and regulations.

This is summarised through a coordinated and technical audit report and prioritised schedule of recommended actions to be undertaken in the short, medium and long-term. An annual or bi-annual’ audit is recommended and is follow up through a meeting with building management and contractors. This means issues raised from the audit are being dealt with and monitored in a timely manner. Technical support and assistance is offered in tandem throughout the consultancy period.

We also have provided additional services which include:

  • Condition Reports
  • Life cycle programmes
  • Installation handovers
  • Project management
  • Contract tenders

Some examples of our recent work in this area include:

Premium Portfolio, London

  • Maintenance audits, 10 properties – 94 lifts and 2 escalators
  • Lion Plaza, London – Modernisation of 9 lifts
  • One London Wall, London – Modernisation of 5 lifts

Scotland & North Portfolio

  • Maintenance audits, 14 properties – 60 lifts & 3 escalators

Royal London Portfolio, UK Wide

  • Maintenance Audits: 36 properties – 119 lifts
  • Vision Park, Cambridge – Replacement of 4 lifts
  • Hitching Court, Bristol – Replacement of 1 lift
  • Peninsular House, London – Modernisation of 4 lifts
  • Capital Court – Condition report for 4 lifts
  • Vision Park – Condition report for 4 lifts
  • Lifecycle programmes – All properties

“The core team have strength in depth and engage with clients and their suppliers to achieve the best outcomes. When there are any issues arising TB+A are proactive to resolve. TB+A are also forward looking which is reassuring.”
Gareth James
Head of Engineering, JLL