Luton and Dunstable University Hospital Redevelopment

£146 million




Bedfordshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust




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  • Engineering services design
About Luton and Dunstable University Hospital Redevelopment

The start of 2015 saw us secure a commission to assist Bedfordshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust to deliver designs for the redevelopment of the hospital into a major emergency centre for the local area North of London.

The programme of works known as “Building the new L&D” provides a comprehensive redevelopment of the live hospital site whilst allowing existing clinical services to continue in full operation.

The OBC was successfully completed in 2015, however was subsequently put on hold due to the introduction of STP’s and uncertainty around central capital availability.

In August 2019, we were delighted to hear that the Trust received funding approval to push forward with the main programme of works.

The redevelopment provides a substantial overhaul of the whole engineering services infrastructure, reducing backlog maintenance and providing a hospital environment which ultimately changes the appearance of spaces, how they feel and are used by all.

Our strategies provide innovative supporting engineering services that are efficient, sustainable and flexible whilst supporting the latest medical equipment. Our appointment direct with the Trust via the NHS SBS Framework will see us deliver design strategies to match the approved Development Control Plan including:

  • Major site infrastructure upgrades, including offset of grid electricity
  • Carbon reduction initiatives
  • Central energy centre removing £5.4m of backlog maintenance
  • Women and children’s services
  • Surgical facilities
  • Office accommodation
  • Express lifts and helipad
  • Bariatric Outpatients
  • Extended diagnostic facilities
  • Two major new build facilities encompass the following:
  • Critical care
  • Isolation suites
  • Neonatal ITU/HDU
  • Special Care Baby Unit
  • Transitional care
  • Antenatal, postnatal wards
  • MLU and CLU delivery suites
  • Adult inpatients
  • Theatre suite, including hybrid theatres and day surgery pods
  • Obstetric theatres

Our designs solutions will deliver environments suitable for the highly serviced and critical accommodation but at the same time using less energy and carbon, plus responding to the set BREEAM target.

Planning approval was granted in March 2020, with the OBC submitted at the end of April, enabling the commencement of the FBC design stage completed Q3 2020.

“TB&A have been the principal M&E services Consultant retained by the Trust for over five years. Alan Newman has led the TB&A team throughout. He has been closely involved with the work, and has recognised the importance placed by the Trust on clearly specifying the scope of work required and on delivering solutions that deliver value for money to the Trust. The TB&A team are well integrated into the Redevelopment and the Estates teams, and continue to provide sound professional advice”
David Hartshorne
Redevelopment Director